Named after the daughter and son of the donor Shri Dahyabhai S. Patel, Nalini and Arvind, the college was founded in the year 1959.Earlier it was the Arts wing of Vitthalbhai Patel Mahavidyalaya. In view of the increase in enrolment it became a separate identity.The College was selected by the University Grants Commission for implementation of the College Humanities & Social Sciences Improvement Programme (COHSIP) during 1975 and 1980. It bagged the Best Arts College Award of the Government of Gujarat for the year 1979-80 in the very first year of its institution.The college runs three-year degree course leading to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) of Sardar Patel University.

1. Gujarati Literature
2. Sanskrit Literature
3. Hindi Literature
4. English Literature
5. Sociology
6. Psychology
7. History
8. Political Science
9. Logic and Philosophy
10. Economics
11. Geography
12. Vocational Courses as a Subsidary Subjects
      1. Office Management and Secretarial Practice
      2. Computer Application
13. M.A. Philosophy and Logic(Self Finance)

It houses a study centre of Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University. The college boasts of a separate building for housing the library.It is named after the donor, Shri Maganbhai Jeshangbhai Patel of Samarkha.

The Vision of the institution is based on Nalanda and Takshashila. Nalanada= Na + Alam + Da which means knowledge cannot be completely imparted; where generation and acquisition of knowledge goes on unabated. Takshashila literally means shaping stone into an idol. It stands for continuous development of the students. Some stones are porus and soft, some are spotted and some are hard.We aimed at shaping our students and developing them into the ideal human beings.

  • To preserve and enhance the legacy of the knowledge of humanities
  • To develop globally relevant knowledge potential
  • To organize activities to help the students’ creativity
  • To inculcate in students good values and to build good character which are beneficial to life
  • To nurture the qualities of students which are helpful in social
    life i. e. Equality, Fraternity and Social Justice
  • To shape enlightened citizens who can guide society, nation and world to construct the noble, global society
  • To educate youth to gain and use self-knowledge for self-development

  • To offer UG course in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • To make the students understand the real meaning of humanities.
  • To boost up intellectual ability of the students
  • To provide proper education to develop their socio-economic condition
  • To prepare them to take up the responsible for the society and the country
  • To impart value based education to make them responsible citizens
  • To make them self-dependant through short-term courses

  • To motivate the staff members to engage in research activities
  • To undertake faculty development programs to make the staff members aware with the current happenings
  • To enrich the teaching-learning process through modern technology
  • To provide opportunities to enhance their academic advancement

CVM has a mission of reinvigorating society through quality education.Since 1947 CVM has established over 48 institutions proving itself highly responsive to the changing socio-economic environment by venturing into various emerging disciplines under the continuous dynamic leadership of Late Shri Bhaikaka, Late Shri Bhikhabhai Saheb,Late Shri H.M. Patel (ICS retired).and now with Dr. C. L. Patel as the present Chairman of CVM, ISTAR is thriving under the pantronage of CVM.

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